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Meet Jolene Tse, RMT

Massage therapy was my entrance into the health and wellness profession this lifetime.  During my 20+ years of practice. I continually gather tools to expand my well be-ing and inturn share those with whomever crosses my path.  I clearly re-member one of my teachers introducing energy healing and transformation to our massage class, so many years ago.  Little did I realize that this would soon be the path that I would begin to know and re-member in great depths of the infinite!  He was different than the “scientific/medical” teacher, but he just “knew”!  I was fortunate to begin working in the health and wellness industry in 1998, before I even graduated from the Orthopaedic Institute.  So, Massage Therapy became a foundation and launch pad for many great learnings!  And, as my journey would have it, I required healing and chose to receive it from another source outside of western medicine and the pharmaceuticals.  It was through Reiki, that I began my healing and transformational process ……and it has been a colorfully, fantasmic journey since! The most transformational moments were those when I first loved myself!  The experience was beyond sharing in the human language…..and each moment of expanding the love for myself to create a love of my wholeness has been incredible!  It is an infinite journey of  universes that reside within and around me!…. and I am loving every moment of this life!!

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Our Goals at Docere Wellness Centre are:

... to listen and be respectful
... to create a collaborative partnership
... to treat the whole person, not the illness
... to address the root cause and not just treat symptoms
... to honour the healing power of nature

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