Thyroid Back to NORMAL!
Dr. Hagel is absolutely amazing!  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism earlier this year and I wanted to avoid going on Synthroid. I opted for naturopathic treatment and after going to a few other naturopaths and seeing no improvement in my thyroid levels I was about to give up, but decided to try naturopathy one last time and came in to see Dr. Hagel.  Dr. Hagel started NAET treatments with me and put me on some naturopathic medicine and about 1.5-2 months later I got my blood work done and my thyroid is back to normal!  I cannot thank Dr. Hagel enough for the support, encouragement and faith that she had. She was always open to listening to my concerns and never pushed anything.  Dr. Hagel and her staff were very accommodating and professional.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is struggling with their health and wants to take a natural path to recovery.



Dairy Allergy GONE!

“I caught up with my family in California over the prior week for a holiday. I wanted to write and let you know changes I’d seen in my mother since you treated her with NAET. On our prior visit, before Mom’s NAET sessions with you, she spent time every day in her room away from the group, resting.

As far as I know, the GP and specialists were testing her for everything they could think of with no success. I also noticed she tended towards negative gossip which was unlike her. On this visit, she had no stomach ailments, dizzy spells, nausea or excessive fatigue. She was bright and bubbly, and happy to socialise. If she saw foods that she recognized to have dairy, she would say she had to avoid it as it gave her stomach troubles. She did eat many foods with dairy during our visit. She and I shared a tasting platter of gelato. She didn’t realise it had cream in it. She enjoyed it very much. No stomach ache or vomiting followed.

My sister noted to me that she hasn’t seen Mom get sick after eating dairy since the NAET treatments.

Thank you for all that you did for my mother. I just wanted to let you know about the successes with her NAET therapy.”


Best Naturopath
Dr. Rabia Meghji, is simply the best doctor, and best naturopath I have ever come in contact with. Her extreme attention to detail and willingness to not only listen to her patient, but act with empathy and care in helping the patient to heal thyself is true and honest. Her vast knowledge is second to none as she is versed in all modalities.

But it is her caring and kind nature that makes her special. I definitely recommend Dr. Rabia to my friends and family as the person to help in assisting in living a healthy and long life. From Vitamins and Supplements, to homeopathy, to NAET and lifestyle choices, this is your one stop shop for health.

FREE from Crohn’s Disease
“I’ve been meaning to write you for a VERY long time now to thank you for all of your help during the time I was sick. I managed to get off all the Crohn’s medication within 6 months of being diagnosed and have been clear ever since. The doctors tell me that I’m a mystery case and I say I’m a Meghji case

Thank you for all of your help – I couldn’t have healed without you I hope all is well on your end and that life has been treating you kindly! Wishing you much health and happiness.”

Good Bye Food Sensitivities
“Ever since my son was a toddler, I suspected that he was reacting somehow to food. I removed all sugar, food colour, artificial everything from his diet and saw some minor improvement. I removed dairy, wheat, eggs, soy. For three years I cooked every single thing from scratch. He ate nothing but fruits and vegetables, homemade granola made from organic oats and organic maple syrup, and rice. Still, nobody would babysit him, no neighbourhood child would play with him more than once, and he had to be removed from his dayhome because he was considered too “dangerous” to the other children.

We didn’t have to worry about him eating hotdogs and birthday cake because he was never invited to a birthday party! As he began school it became apparent that he was also dealing with some learning issues. Desperate and not knowing where to turn, I listened to a friend who was seeing Dr. Rabia Meghji, ND, for her seasonal allergies. I decided to take him to her so that I could hopefully get an exact list of his food sensitivities for us to avoid. Ironically one of the first things we discovered was that he was allergic to most fruits and many vegetables, oats, and maple syrup.

Four years after we met Dr. Meghji, my son is a very active, normal boy who loves biking, martial arts, computers and reading The Hunger Games. He attends a school for gifted children and has several good friends. He goes to summer camps and eats whatever they are cooking without having either behavioural or emotional reactions. He still struggles with some learning challenges, but based on the results so far I anticipate that he will catch up and fit right in with his advanced peers.” C.J.T.

Pain Free!
“I saw Dr.Rabia for a chronic painful medical condition, which my GP advised, could only be treated with surgery or medication (for which I was not well suited). I was very relieved to discuss the matter with Dr.Rabia who was much more compassionate and thorough in her discussion with me than was my GP. Dr.Rabia’s treatment was very conservative and within a month I was pain free.”J.D.
Lowered Dangerous Cholesterol Levels
I was seeing a heart specialist. MY cholesterol levels were near 8. He had me on chestor pills fro one month. After a month my levels were under 5. I was very happy, he was very concerned. The drug was causing kidney damage. WOW even after only one month. He suggested i get off for one month. Then he would prescribe another drug.

In the mean time I took up advice to see Dr Rabia. Good thing I still had my blood test with me. She put me on a natural drug and also recommending my thyroid was out as well. I used to always feel bagged pooped very tied no energy during the day, that all changed after using the natural thyroid pill. My energy levels are normal when I consistently use my pills.
I believe natural medicine help build your natural body function, well medical drugs try and take over for the natural bodies function, therefore you need stronger and stronger prescription to perform there function.

IE  The thyroid is not functioning well. Natural medicine comes along side and helps build strengthen it to function properly. Medical drugs says you die and I will take over your function. I didn’t use my cholesterol pills for almost a year, was kind of doing a test. The levels were 5.8 After one month of being back natural pills my levels are down to 4.3. With no side effects.
I took my pills to the specialist he look at them and said this could be dirt no evidence that they work. Yet he continues to prescribe drugs he knows dam well has serious side effects. My regular Dr. read them and said “yeah this is good” “yeah this is good” Keep taking them.

Back in Control
“Rather than concerns being dismissed, I feel that through consultation and treatment I am getting in control of my health issues.” T.D.
“Dr Hagel is a very talented Doctor who has knowledge, experience, and extensive research to help her patients find what is wrong and how to fix it. I have been going to doctors for so many years with the same problems and nobody has helped me the way she did.

She listens, gives her time, encourages email updates, asks questions, very kind and considerate of my feelings unlike other past doctors I have been to. She helped me find the root cause of my problem and assisted me to an effective plan that has removed everything I was going through for 14 years! She also has solutions to manage PTSD through accupuncture.”

Got My Life Back!
“Dr. Hagel is a very attentive and considerate doctor. I had been to countless specialists for debilitating digestive issues. Once serious illnesses were ruled out the specialists lost interest in helping me–regardless of the disruption these issues were causing in my life. Dr. Hagel never lost interest in me as a patient, and her continued efforts helped me get my life back. She patiently listened to every detail and remembered everything I had said.

I always felt heard, and I was never rushed in any of our appointments. She was always ready with additional recommendations if I found any treatments ineffective. She never left me feeling hopeless, as many of the doctors before her had. I am forever grateful for her help.”

Balanced Life
“I have addressed a multitude of issues, both personal and professional, and gained perspective and balance in my life. She is patient and understanding, and with her encouragement I feel like I have been able to de-clutter and hone in on what is truly important to me.”
Wonderful Transformation

“Working with Amanda was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. I found balance in my work and home life. My only regret is, I wish I had found Amanda earlier in my career.”

Living a Joyful Life
“Life coaching has helped me realize the difference between a good life and a great life – one steeped in authenticity, intention and purpose. Amanda is not only insightful and intuitive, she is able to assist one to re-discover one’s source of inner power in order to live a joyful life.”
Healthy Happy Son
“On July 23, 2010 my son (almost 5 at the time), began treatment with Dr. RabiaMeghji ND, for several medical problems. Prior to this, I tried many ways and sources to get help for my sons mild turning worst conditions. He never slept well since birth. Our whole family life was affected. He was up sometimes 10-15 times a night with pain and hyperactive issues on most nights. The blood tests done at age 4 were negative for lactose and later on through GI Clinic we found out he was in fact positive for lactose intolerance. Finally after 4-5 years of not discovering or being diagnosed with his GI Issues, food allergies, GERD, behavioral issues etc., we found Dr. Meghji. Before we met her, I had almost given up on his health and ongoing stomach pain, chronic flu’s, sleepless nights and problematic behavior.

After working with Dr. Meghji, with all the treatments, cleanses, advise and supplements, my son is a new person. He’s 90% better than he was. He’s barely sick, behaviour is soooo much better, energy level is up and he’s growing really well. We are still working on last bit, but the amount he has progressed and being able to have milk and gluten again is huge. We found a new life working with Dr. Meghji and will always be thankful to her and her treatments. She was completely supportive, empathetic and always listened to our issues. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Meghji for all her concern and hard work with my son. Naturopathic Medicine worked more than anything else on my son and I am glad I tried this last method before giving up completely.” Happy Mom, A.S.

FREE from Ulcerative Colitis
“I have experienced such great health since I began seeing a naturopath a year ago. I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis early in 2008, and had been in and out of hospitals until a year ago when I first started with Dr. Rabia Meghji. This is the best I’ve felt since about 6 months before I was diagnosed and I have been off prescription drugs for a year now.

When people talk to me about their health problems now I tell them to go straight to an ND, because in my experience you’ll feel better faster. I wish I had known when I was first diagnosed because it might have saved me some trips to the hospital.” A.A.

Sleeping Well
“Since seeing Dr.Rabia, I am sleeping better and am more relaxed. I liked that she really thought I needed help and did not dismiss me like my MD. ” J.K.
No Side Effects
“My health has definitely improved in the last year since being a client- not often as sick. As well when I am, it is not as bad and I can still function throughout my day. Naturopathic treatments work and do not come with side effects or problems afterwards. I am very happy to have found this alternative to my traditional doctor. Dr.Meghji seems very knowledgeable and I am grateful to not have to wait long for an appointment when needed.” M.B.
“Since seeing Dr.Meghji, we have seen a significant improvement in the reduction of symptoms of ADHD and Autism Spectrum with our son. He is now able to tolerate a full diet from being gluten free in the past. We have found Dr.Meghji as being a great compliment to western medicine. It is amazing to see what can be treated with NAET instead of medication use.” -a happy mom

“My health has improved since seeing Dr.Meghji. I am now PMS free and asthma free.” M.P.

Yeast and Hormone SUCCESS
“I have been successfully treated for yeast problems, improvement on hormonal issues, environmental allergies, weight issues and have made progress with emotional issues. Dr. Rabia is exceptional at what she does.” DP
Natural Coach
“Amanda is a natural coach. She is highly committed to empowering others to take charge of and enjoy their life…Her outpouring of presence, honesty and caring provided me with an experience in which I could grow up, regain my strength, and honor my life purpose. Amazing.”
Empowering Result
“Before I started coaching with Amanda, I was facing some overwhelming challenges and I felt absolutely stuck in my situation. The results of the work Amanda and I have done has left me feeling empowered, and in command of my life and decisions.”
Life Changed for the Better
“After every session with Amanda I felt enlightened, strong, proud and empowered. I now live my life with intent- knowing that I am my biggest supporter and that because of this, the possibilities are endless. I know now, with utmost certainty, that coaching has changed my life for the better.”

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