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Back to school vitamins
NAET Treatments for seasonal allergies (tree pollen, grass pollen, wheat pollen, dust, mold, barometric pressure) – package of 6 for $240 ($60 discount!)
Book today and let Dad experience the ultimate in health and relaxation! ✨
Back to school vitamins
Regular massage sessions can help Dad improve his sleep quality by promoting relaxation, reducing insomnia, and enhancing overall sleep patterns. This can lead to increased energy levels, improved mood, and better overall health.
Our massage therapist Laura is a reiki specialist. Reiki uses energy healing and can help reduce stress and anxiety to promote even deeper relaxation. Reiki can be done for a whole session or be incorporated into your regular massage session.
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Back to school immune boost

We’re excited to provide you with an extensive selection of health screenings at face value. From hormonal and genetic testing to stool/parasitology tests, food sensitivity assessments, SIBO breath tests, micronutrient evaluations, heavy metal screenings, and mold toxicity tests—we’ve got you covered!

Curious about a specific test? Just ask our practitioners for more details. We’re here to help you unlock the insights you need for optimal health!

Our Goals at Docere Wellness Centre are:

... to listen and be respectful
... to create a collaborative partnership
... to treat the whole person, not the illness
... to address the root cause and not just treat symptoms
... to honour the healing power of nature