Welcome to our Services page! Our mission at Docere Wellness Center is to provide the best health care for the entire family in Calgary, Alberta. We are dedicated to facilitating the body’s innate healing capabilities through comprehensive, holistic approaches. Start exploring our wide range of services designed to support your health and well-being at every stage of life.

Moreover, we hope to inspire people to take an active approach to taking care of their mind, body, and spirit .


Discover comprehensive health care services for the entire family at our Calgary Naturopathic Wellness Center.


We’re excited to provide you with an extensive selection of health screenings at face value.

From hormonal and genetic testing to stool/parasitology tests, food sensitivity assessments, SIBO breath tests, micronutrient evaluations, heavy metal screenings, and mold toxicity tests—we’ve got you covered!

Curious about a specific test? Just ask our practitioners for more details. We’re here to help you unlock the insights you need for optimal health!

Uncover the benefits of our Docere Shot Bar!

Want to increase your immunity against certain illnesses? Pay us a visit to experience customized nutrient shots designed to boost your health and vitality. Discover your wellness boost today!

Explore our wellness blog posts, tune into our insightful podcasts, and download our exclusive NAET ebook for expert tips and holistic health guidance. Start your journey to better health today!


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