Patient Resources

Welcome to our Patient Resources page! In Docere Wellness Center, we provide comprehensive support to help you on your wellness journey. Here, you’ll find valuable information on naturopathic treatments, dietary guidelines, lifestyle tips, and answers to common health questions. Explore our resources to empower your health and well-being. If you need further assistance, our dedicated team is always here to help!


Our Patient Resources page offers information on treatments, dietary guidelines, and more to help you on your wellness journey.

Best Naturopath

Dr. Rabia Meghji, is simply the best doctor, and best naturopath I have ever come in contact with. Her extreme attention to detail and willingness to not only listen to her patient, but act with empathy and care in helping the patient to heal thyself is true and honest. Her vast knowledge is second to none as she is versed in all modalities. But it is her caring and kind nature that makes her special. I definitely recommend Dr. Rabia to my friends and family as the person to help in assisting in living a healthy and long life. From Vitamins and Supplements, to homeopathy, to NAET and lifestyle choices, this is your one stop shop for health.

Got My Life Back!

“Dr. Hagel is a very attentive and considerate doctor. I had been to countless specialists for debilitating digestive issues. Once serious illnesses were ruled out the specialists lost interest in helping me–regardless of the disruption these issues were causing in my life. She never lost interest in me as a patient, and her continued efforts helped me get my life back. She patiently listened to every detail and remembered everything I had said. I’ve always felt heard, and I was never rushed in any of our appointments. She was always ready with additional recommendations if I found any treatments ineffective. She never left me feeling hopeless, as many of the doctors before her had. I am forever grateful for her help.”


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