Psychological Services at Docere Wellness Centre

A psychologist studies the science of the brain/mind and behavior to better understand how people think, feel and behave. Psychotherapy is the art of applying this knowledge along with many techniques, to help people change distressing thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships. In Alberta, psychologists must be registered to practice and follow standards to provide you with the safest and most effective care. You and your psychologist/therapist will work together in a supportive relationship where you can talk openly and safely about concerns.

A meeting with a psychologist/therapist involves an assessment and use of talk therapies to create change in problem areas such as discontent with who you are, life transitions, relationships, separation and divorce, depression, extreme mood change, stress, anxiety, coping with trauma, addictions, and workplace stress to name a few. The assessment and approach to your plan is based on your individual, unique goals, needs and personality.

You can call a psychologist/therapist at Docere if you are:

  • feeling overwhelmed and helpless to change some of your problems and cannot seem to improve them despite trying and getting help from family and friends,
  • feeling dissatisfied with who you are, how you are living and your purpose in life,
  • struggling to carry out daily activities including parenting, self care, work tasks and others,
  • worrying to too much, expect the worst and find it hard to be hopeful about the future
  • are struggling to express and meet your needs in relationships and feel you often have relationship disappointments,
  • and your actions are harming yourself or others including being too angry, using to much of a substance or actually trying to hurt yourself physically

Psychologists develop specializations or areas of interest through ongoing education, work experience and their own life experiences. At Docere the two psychologist/therapists have over 30 years of combined experience. They are pleased to provide individual, couple, family and group therapies to help with many different problem areas. Please see individual profiles or call us to book an appointment or have a phone conversation to discuss how we can help.

If another program or person would serve you better, we can help you make that referral. The average length of time for therapy depends on the problems but it is always up to you to decide how much and what kind of therapy is right for you. It is important to have the right match with your psychologist/therapist so you can feel comfortable and safe. We are happy to talk about this with you.

Please call us at (403) 452-6262 to discuss your questions about or interest in individual therapy at Docere Wellness Centre or about costs. Some fees can be negotiated. Please be aware that we are not an urgent centre and if you feel your mental health concerns are an emergency, please see your main health care provider or contact the Distress Centre at 403 266-1605.

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    Our Goals at Docere Wellness Centre are:

    ... to listen and be respectful
    ... to create a collaborative partnership
    ... to treat the whole person, not the illness
    ... to address the root cause and not just treat symptoms
    ... to honour the healing power of nature