In a world where we strive to be physically fit and excellent in all aspects, it is equally important that we achieve emotional wellness. We often disregard our emotions or feelings because we feel like we are being “vulnerable” when we show people how we truly feel.

But did you know that when your emotions are suppressed, and you don’t do anything about it, you have a higher chance of getting sick? Yes, your emotional well-being affects not only your daily mood but also weakens your immune system, disrupts your sleep, and shortens your life. 


Here are 4 things that you can do to achieve emotional wellness:


  • Meditate. 

Just like how our body needs exercise to function well it is also encouraged that you meditate often. Why meditate? Because it helps you achieve deep relaxation which allows your brain to focus, and leaves you with a calm mind.

emotional wellness meditate

Moreover, it helps you decrease your metabolism, lowers your blood pressure, and it improves your heart rate and breathing. It also increases your brain power as it allows you to speed up your stress recovery by recharging your brain waves. 

Bonus tip: Create a corner in your house where you can meditate or do breathing exercises. If you have little space at home, you can try walking for 30 minutes a day or try connecting with nature.


  • Get enough sleep or rest.

Our body usually sends a signal to our brain when we are overworked and we’ve reached our limit. So, if you are feeling tired and burnout lately, then it’s about time you consider taking small naps or rest in between your schedule.

Getting enough rest allows your body to repair, reenergize, and refresh. Every time you take a nap or you get enough rest, the cells in your body start to heal and help you re-align your thoughts. That’s why weekends should be enjoyed and taken more seriously because it allows you to take a break from your schedule.

Bonus tip: Create a restful environment in your bedroom by adding some sleep-inducing plants such as lavender or snake plant. 


  • Train your mind to focus on positivity.

As much as you want to stick to healthy eating habits, you should also train your mind to enjoy the little things and dwell on positivity. How? By being mindful and grateful each day. In doing so, you are empowering yourself to have a lighter, happier disposition in life.

Being mindful allows you to rewire your brain and change how you feel, think, and act in a certain situation. However, being grateful allows you to appreciate every person that you meet, every experience that you go through, and every simple thing that you have.

Bonus tip: Keep a journal where you can write what you are grateful for. Or, establish a mindfulness meditation where you can express your thoughts and feelings.


  • Talk to a therapist/psychologist.

If you have done these 3 things and you still feel like you are mentally and emotionally drained, then maybe it’s time you seek the help of a professional. Talking to a therapist/psychologist is greatly advised since they are highly qualified to help you with the knowledge about your assessment and the approach needed to help you.


Since each one of us is unique, our goals, needs, and personalities are taken into consideration and that’s how they will determine the steps needed to help you achieve emotional wellness. After all, they are experts when it comes to expressing and releasing such emotions more healthily.


October is Emotional Wellness Month

Since October is emotional wellness month, why not try to include activities and daily habits that will help you be emotionally well? Remember to slow down and reflect when you are too overwhelmed. Keep your emotions in check and don’t be afraid to express how you truly feel.

Emotionally well

More importantly, check on your loved ones and re-establish your deep connection with them. Let them know that you are always there to give your support and don’t be shy to ask for their help if you ever need it. Always remember that to achieve overall wellness, you must be physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally fit.