By Laura Corcoran; RMT

September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month! We want to help you BREAK the CHRONIC PAIN CHAIN!!

Massage can break the cycle of pain. Massage soothes muscle tension, stretches and kneads tight muscles, and calms the nervous system. When muscles relax, pressure on nerves is reduced; alleviating pain.  As your nervous system is relaxing, blood vessels dial ate to increase circulation. Waste products are flushed away and replaced with healing oxygen and nutrients.  Regular massage can renew your energy and provide pleasant feelings of release. This, in turn, could motivate you to move more as your pain is decreased. Fall projects like yard work can aggravate your pain cycle. Massage can be part of your body’s support system.

Laura Corcoran continues to help break the Chronic Pain Chain with 27 years of experience with Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage!