By Tina Nikolaou

Anxiety can show up in a variety of ways such as;

• Feeling fearful or overwhelmed
• Headaches, trouble sleeping, irritability, or emotional outbursts
• Withdrawn, overly tired, or restless

Stress can’t always be avoided, but we can help to reduce it. Having tools and
strategies ready to help cope with stress is very important so that we and our children
can be less negatively affected. Some tools that can be utilized consist of;

• Accept and validate your child’s emotions
• Help them to find ways to cope with feelings of anxiety
• Deep breathing
• Drink some water
• Count to 10
• Belly breathing
• Trace your hand
• Senses 5-4-3-2-1
• 5 things you see
• 4 things you can touch
• 3 things you can hear
• 2 things you can smell
• 1 thing you can taste
• Help them to find ways to help reduce the stress itself
• Remind your child that they can turn to other people for support, both at home and at
• Assure them they are not alone

Talk with your child about returning back to school.

• Who are you looking forward to seeing this year?
• What is one thing you’re hoping to do during this year?
• What are the strategies that really worked for them in previous years?
• How are you feeling about this school year?
• What is something you are excited for?
• Is there anything you feel a bit worried about?
• How can I help you feel comfortable about school?