By Laura Corcoran; RMT.

Stampede stomping, walking or dancing? Try an ice roll!   Fill a water bottle (commercial plastic) 3/4 full of water and put the lid on tightly.  Freeze.  Wrap in a plastic bag or very thin cloth. Place bottle on the floor and while seated,  gently roll under the arch of your foot, back and forth. Repeat 3-5 times or as needed.   You can return to freezer to use another time   Don’t forget to recycle the bottle when you are finished with it! 

You can also stretch your toes by pointing down, pointing up towards you, and by grabbing the carpet with your barefoot toes!  Lower leg stretching is very beneficial in elevating foot pain.  Try an Epsom salt bath to reduce metabolic wastes in your legs and feet. You’ll want to enjoy your activities this summer without getting too sore!

Make sure you keep up with your regular massage all summer long!!