By Dr. Rabia K. Meghji, Dr. Michelle Hagel & Dr. Alisha Rawji

Stress: Cortisol can be one of the most potent immune suppressants. Do your best not to let the small stuff get to you. Some basic tips to manage your stress levels include engaging in exercise (within your ability) and meditation. 

Sugar: Spikes in blood sugar can suppress the immune system, limit your refined sugar intake. 

Sleep: Sleep replenishes the body and allows the immune system to work properly. Ensure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis, more if you are sick.

Diet/lifestyle – Try to ‘eat the rainbow’. Fruits and veggies have natural phyto-nutrients such as zinc and vitamin C, which can help support and increase our overall immune defenses. 

Hydration: Keep hydrating, and drinking water throughout the day, with minerals and/or electrolytes if needed. It can help our energy, and help all of our body cells stay nourished and hydrated in order to carry out our immune defenses in the most effective manner.

Oxygen levels: Purchase a pulse oximeter and monitor your pulse ox. If your levels are going under 91-93, consult a doctor as you may need further medical support.

Nutrient supplementation: D, C, zinc, NAC, melatonin, Quercetin, Vitamin A, fish oils, turmeric/black seed oil can all be helpful supports but ask your ND for more detailed information and appropriate dosing.

Contact your Naturopathic Doctor as soon as you get symptoms, we are here to support you through this tough time.