By Dr. Michelle Hagel, ND

New Year Special:  Get a Detox Consultation, Meal Plan, AND a Detox Kit for only $100.00

Happy new year, this is a great time to start the new year off with a detox. Detoxification starts with diet, the detox kit will support the organs of elimination to get rid of toxins that have built up in the system. Then breathing is also very important to get the emotional and physical toxins out of the system. So please remember to take deep breaths and really focus on exhaling any negative/toxic emotions. During the consult, we may also discuss injections or IVs that will additionally support the body’s detoxification processes. 

I hope that this year you have some time to sit back and enjoy a good read. The mental health book recommendation I would like to make is The Mind-gut Connection by Emeran Mayer MD. This is a fascinating book, as most of my patients know I am always talking about the importance of the brain and gut connection. It is rare that I see chronic mental health concerns that do not manifest digestively or vise versa. It really is a chicken and the egg situation of which came first. They are so inter-connected and that is so important to consider to achieve optimal wellness. This book really gets into the complexities of the two and how they are connected. When you understand what you eat is going to affect how you can emotionally handle a situation, that is pretty powerful. It discusses addressing the good gut bacteria through fermented foods, probiotics, prebiotics. On this note, I will leave you with a favorite fermented foods recipe. 

Coconut Kefir: 

I have a lot of patients/friends and family (including myself) that are sensitive to dairy so this is a great way to get benefits of kefir without the dairy. This option contains very little dairy and is much simpler than using milk kefir grains. Use a Kefir Starter Culture in coconut milk, these are available at most health food stores, you just follow the directions. 

The coconut Kefir can be added to a smoothie, cereal, porridge, whatever you like. I do not recommend heating kefir as you will kill off some of the beneficial bacteria.