By Amanda Delamer, MSc, ACC, CPCC

I was having coffee with a friend last week, and she was talking about how much stress she was feeling just thinking about the holiday season. She even mentioned that she was feeling like the Grinch, not looking forward to the holidays at all. All of a sudden I found myself singing in my head – “‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la, la la”.

So what’s making you feel “Grinchy” and stressed about the upcoming holiday season? Is it all the holiday parties, dinner parties, New Year’s parties, parties to plan for the parties parties? All that noise, noise, noise, noise. What if this holiday season you felt jolly? What if you felt joy?

For me, I get all “grinchy” when I listen to that internal voice telling me I “should” do something. When I hear “should” there is a very good chance that I’ll do the opposite. I feel “jolly” when I’m saying “yes” to what brings me joy. Not running from event to event, getting fresh air and exercise with my family, games nights with my kids, staying in and watching movies, having a few dinners and visits with friends, date nights with my hubby, time to read with a cup of tea…these are a few of the things that bring me such joy.

If there is a “should” attached to your thought, it might be time to just say no. I should stay the full two weeks at my parents, I should go to that holiday party, I should squeeze in that dinner with them, I should… We can should ourselves crazy. It’s not to say those things we think we “should” do are not important, they likely are. It’s just more about asking ourselves what brings us joy, and taking responsibility for creating space for it in our lives.

Knowing what brings us joy, starts with self-awareness. There is a reason that I am so protective over weeknights at home with my family, and why sitting in my favourite chair reading with a cup of tea brings me so much joy. They are aligned with my values. I know that honouring my values on a consistent basis brings me such joy.

So, this holiday season, what would make you jolly – what will bring you JOY?

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Happy holidays!

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Amanda Delamer is a self-awareness and fulfillment coach. Amanda coaches and supports people in living healthy, balanced and fulfilled lives. She coaches and honours the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Her clients experience fulfillment in all parts of their lives – health, family, relationships, career, and beyond – and they value and appreciate that all parts of their lives are connected, and that we all have responsibility in and for the world around us. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and three children.