By Lisa Lin, RMT, HHPR

I am all about simple these days. Running a household, organizing and taking care of my two young daughters, working and getting better at self-care. AND Christmas is coming. This year I thought to myself, “Lisa, you have been on a simplify your life mission for the past couple of years so how do you want the holidays to look and feel this Dec 2017?”. Well, at the top of my list of simple is NUTRITION.

A year ago I graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and gained an arsenal of information on eating wholefoods, meal prepping, recipe designing and learning how to teach cooking classes. Where do I use this knowledge the most? In my kitchen at home with my girls. I read a number of foodie blogs, watch Youtube for ideas and get creative when I have time. Most of my creativity has seemed to be needed in how can I serve the healthiest, most fresh, phytonutrient rich food to my family while not making myself crazy. Yes, Christmas holidays will be the yardstick to see what all I’ve learned since I graduated!

Knowing how critical healing foods are in our diet and being so completely inspired by cooking and supporting the body’s healing processes I have had to look at the plain truth – do I try and eat perfectly clean, be the sugar police with my kids or simply let it unfold with conscious intention of what is most important to me.

weight loss guide Northwest CalgaryBecause sharing food with friends and family is about love and celebration of a meaningful life. I know what to eat at dinner parties and holiday functions, based on how I will feel the next day and how to enjoy myself while honoring my body and heart for what they need to be well. Yes, I eat some treats and some decadent foods and all the while I feel so blessed for the love that went into the preparation of those foods. Outside of those occasions, and my coworkers could elaborate, I pack items such as homemade granola bars, soups, green smoothies, green juices, and a big bottle of water to a busy day at Docere. I nourish myself well and don’t terrorize myself over calories, fat grams and sugar content anymore. And my food choices have become peaceful and far more nourishing than a battle over shoulds and shouldn’ts.

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What I do to balance things out during the holiday: exercise, meditation, take my vitamins, drink LOTS of water, use my crockpot regularly for homemade stocks and soups, stews in batches to store in my small freezer. I buy organic meats most of the time and will marinate and grill or bake chicken – slice and freeze or pan fry ground bison and add fresh herbs and spices or bake fish. As well I wash, chop and steam/bake fresh vegetables to pair with the meats (no recipe needed – egs. are squashes, yams, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, mushrooms, kale, zucchini, swiss chard), try and bake either muffins or granola bars once a week and pop them in the freezer. Homemade trail mix, fresh fruit and nuts, chia puddings, avocado for basic snacks. Super simple. Busy days? I have backup in the freezer and fresh produce on hand to pair with it. I menu plan once a week and do food prep day before (creating this habit is a must, on a routine that works for you). Then it isn’t an issue for my children and I if we eat out once in a while or attend holiday functions; we feel well in body, mind and spirit.

Happy holidays!

Eat well and be well this holiday season! For more information contact Docere Wellness Centre today!