What is so bad about forest fire smoke?

When anything is burned it is going to release gases and particulates into the air. The common chemical components released from a forest fire include Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen oxide, Hydrogen Chloride, Chlorine, Hydrogen cyanide, phosphorus oxides, and particulates. These chemicals will cause oxidative stress, shut down oxidative systems and create inflammation in the body.

Symptoms of breathing in the irritants?

Whether you are sensitive to the smoke or not, it is best to protect yourself from the harmful effects. Burning eyes and throat, sinus irritation, low-grade headache, irritating respiratory conditions and heart conditions. Studies have shown individuals exposed to frequent smoke have a higher rate of testicular, brain, colon, bladder and breast cancers.

How to protect yourself and your family from the Smoke?

  1. Stay inside and close all windows, doors and fireplace damper
  2. Leave shoes outside
  3. Run Air conditioner, this will cause the particulates to cool and drop to the floor. Clean furnace filter frequently
  4. Vacuum one room at a time and close it off to the rest of the house. Vacuuming will kick up dust and spread it around the home so by doing it one room at a time while wearing protective gear you will prevent it from spreading around the house. HEPA filters are recommended
  5. Gas mask respirator with carbon filter will filter out gases if required to go outside

What are some natural options to support your body after exposure?

  1. Vitamin C, prevents DNA damage
  2. Green tea, reduces inflammation and DNA damage to the lungs
  3. Resveratrol, lowers inflammation and supports enzyme systems to detoxify
  4. Pomegranate juice, anti-oxidant
  5. Berries, anti-oxidant
  6. Amino acids, Taurine, Glycine and NAC
  7. Brassica vegetables and Rosemary cleans and purifies the air as well as support antioxidant systems in the body
  8. Curcumin, anti-inflammatory and detox system support
  9. Glutathione!! The body is robbed of glutathione when exposed to smoke specifically in the respiratory system. Glutathione is a potent anti-oxidant referred to as the mother of all antioxidants, important in our immune function and an amazing detoxifier. When we are low in glutathione we experience cell damage, oxidative stress, inflammation and increase risk of infections and cancer.

We are offering Glutathione injections or IV pushes at Docere Wellness! Contact us at 403-452-6262 and speak with one of our ND’s for more information about how you can avoid the effects of the smoke.