By Lisa Lin, BA, RMT

BRAVE. This is the power you find within you. It is what ignites your spirit, calls to your heart and gives you endurance in life when facing all obstacles. Brave is not always fearless, but it is limitless. Do you have an image that comes to mind when you think of Brave? I think of a warrior standing strong, feeling alive, clear and transcendent in body, mind and spirit. I could paint a picture across the heavens, in my mind’s eye when I envision what Brave means to me.

holistic health NW CalgaryNow, at this point, you may be conjuring up you own amazing images, or you may be asking, what? Well, for those of you who are contemplating and painting in your own mind (or on your bedroom wall!), keep at it. For those of you reading this article thinking, what is she talking about? Brave isn’t for me, that is just for people who are confident, successful, have life figured out and are living on easy street, or fight fires, rescue people, and serve in the army.Now, what I, Lisa, am talking about is something so possible, so life enriching, so healing and empowering it may just knock your socks off when you find your very own Brave.

Who is Brave For?

Every single living breathing soul in this world. People who are suffering from abuse, live in poverty, are alone in the world and scared, may be living with chronic pain or terminal illness, suffering loss and dealing with change. To the parent of young children who feels exhausted and overwhelmed after a long day. To the employee who wants to shine his or her light in the company and feels undervalued. To the young man who wants to go on a date with a beautiful girl he just met. To the students who worry if they will pass exams and get to graduate. To the man or woman who is contemplating retirement after years of service, wondering how the future might look. Brave is for us all. When you find your Brave inside you will know what I am talking about

6 Ideas to Inspire Your Brave

1. Music – have songs you like? Here are my favorites for Brave (check them out on YouTube – and better yet dance to them, I do with my kids!): Music Monday “Sing It Together”, “Be Brave” by Sara Bareilles, “Fight Song” by Rachel Patton, “Try Everything” by Shakira

2. Symbols – surround yourself with pictures, objects, quotes – the ones that remind you about your Brave

3. Self-Talk – what is going on in your brain? Is it lifting you up or taking you down?

4. Books – my favorites – “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown, “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott

5. Stories – listen to other people’s struggles and triumphs

6. Support – don’t hold fear inside, it needs to breathe and move for you to be Brave. Check in with a friend, family member, teacher, psychologist, other health practitioner. The people you feel safe with, who remind you who you are and lift you up when you feel like you can’t rise on your own.

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Believe in yourself. Anything is possible, go create magnificence in your life as you are already brilliant, beautiful, strong, full of heart and courage. I believe in you.

This is why I love my work at Docere Wellness Centre. I meet so many inspiring and determined clients who have taught me what living courageously and being Brave are. I have met people who are hurting, who have had enough of not feeling well, who ask me for support and as a result,and though I probably have not told them, they have been my inspirational guides who have helped me find my own Brave.

So I thank all of my clients and coworkers from the deepest ventures of my heart for all that you give me everyday. May I always pay it forward, be of service and BE BRAVE.

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