Massage therapy was my entrance into the health and wellness profession this lifetime.  During my 20+ years of practice. I continually gather tools to expand my well be-ing and inturn share those with whomever crosses my path.  I clearly re-member one of my teachers introducing energy healing and transformation to our massage class, so many years ago.  Little did I realize that this would soon be the path that I would begin to know and re-member in great depths of the infinite!  He was different than the “scientific/medical” teacher, but he just “knew”!  I was fortunate to begin working in the health and wellness industry in 1998, before I even graduated from the Orthopaedic Institute.  So, Massage Therapy became a foundation and launch pad for many great learnings!  And, as my journey would have it, I required healing and chose to receive it from another source outside of western medicine and the pharmaceuticals.  It was through Reiki, that I began my healing and transformational process ……and it has been a colorfully, fantasmic journey since! The most transformational moments were those when I first loved myself!  The experience was beyond sharing in the human language…..and each moment of expanding the love for myself to create a love of my wholeness has been incredible!  It is an infinite journey of universes that reside within and around me!…. and I am loving every moment of this life!!

My divine purpose as a lightworker illuminates with love, compassion and joy! I am one of the many who are assisting in the “awakening” (raising of consciousness levels) of hu-manity and of mother earth… Master of Light!  I facilitate the healing through an alchemy of Massage therapy, Sound, Vibration and Energetics.  My hearts’ continual desire for connecting pieces of the divine template within me has guided me into experiencing various teachings and courses of self-exploration… igniting lifetimes of remembering and connection to source/creator!!  As I continue my personal journey, I share knowings, wisdoms and learnings in the fields of Acutonics & Fibonacci Process; Sound Healing and transformation through Crystal/Alchemy & Tibetan Singing Bowls; Firewalking; Gemstone & Ascended Master Aromatherapy; Massage Therapy (Relaxation, Therapeutic, Pre-Natal); Infant Massage Instruction; Millenium Method; Traditional Native & Elemental Teachings; Sacred Rays of Light; Sound & Vibration Reflexology; Usui & Karuna Reiki Master; Voice & Light Language; Yuen Method. I also facilitate group offerings (private and public), Sound Meditation and Moving Meditation.

You will also dis-cover expansion of explanations here,  supporting the logical mind and the heart centered  🙂

I have experience working with and supporting individuals of all ages!…..and love and am grateful for every moment!  Experience your transformational session, as you continue your journey of self love and transformational self dis-covery!  There are tools around each and every one of you, supporting you in healing, transforming and transcending “issues.”  Many of which are related to EGO (what is created by the mind = everything other than love, compassion and joy) and encodings passed on from ancestory ( DNA/Energetic).  Journey beyond the western medical structure and experience an awakening of understanding your own vibration and how life happens for you and by you!

You have the ability to create and be the change that you wish for in your life, mother earth and for hu-manity!  Honour your beautiful, loving, divine essence! Invest in yourself!

I offer Massage Therapy &/or Integrative sessions specifically created for you in the moment!!  These opportunities of transformation (of aches & pains, fears, anger, sadness, grief, worth, stillness ect)  offer you feelings of be-ing lighter, brighter and ……new!  Shedding old vibrations in the hu-man forms of patterns (thought, practices etc), DNA activations and more….. within the expansion of knowing and loving who you are- the purity and light that resides within…and allowing the physical body to ascend in frequency too!  Transforming and transcending vibrational frequencies that no longer serve your space of be-ing…..   Explore the realms beyond! … Explore the sciences of Quantum Physics, Cymatics and Acoustics!

Multidimensional vibrations of peace, love and joy are offered to you as you travel within your infinite universe of opportunities and possibilities!

Blessings to you filled with love, light and crystalline rainbow rays! In gratitude for all that I am and to all that are of my universe….Namaste.  And it is so.  Jolene Tse 🙂