The word inspire is so jam packed with meaning – what stirs you, energizes you, awakens and excites you, ignites and lights a spark in you?

I love knowing what inspires people. Here’s a little bit about what inspires me.


Truly, Madly, Deeply

Witnessing acts of passion or love, that expression of “all in” and truly, madly, deeply – that inspires me. Witnessing others show love, feel love, receive love, give love, embrace love…anything to do with love, it warms my heart and moves me to express love.

For me, I am so very truly, madly, deeply about my husband and my children, and the everyday acts of love and laughter that connect us. My family and friends, who both support and challenge me. The incredible people I work with, colleagues and clients who I am honoured to witness and learn from. A larger local and global community, that I have the opportunity to contribute to and grow with. And witnessing people who love themselves – who have an unwavering commitment to honouring who they are – wow, that inspires me.



I attribute growth to standing in a place of humility – an appreciation that there is an opportunity to learn and expand with each experience and person I cross paths with. When I encounter or witness people who stand in a place of humility, it inspires me and fills me with hope and wonder of what our world and future holds.


Vulnerable Courage

When I watch my children, I am inspired. Every day, I witness my children get their “leader” on and demonstrate vulnerable courage. They say what’s on their mind, they randomly break out in dance, they grab a hug whenever the spirit moves them, and they do not hesitate for one second to express when they are excited about something. Without naming it, they are expressing vulnerable courage. They are embracing all parts of them, they are loving who they are, they are seeing themselves as enough, they are listening to themselves, they are having a voice and being part of the conversation. This beyond inspires me.

As a Coach, I have the incredible privilege of witnessing my clients as they honour who and what they love, as they are humble enough to ask for help and challenge themselves to grow, and as they have the courage to embrace and express who they are, as they are. This inspires me.

I would love to know, what inspires you?

Contact me and let’s set up a complimentary sample session. Acknowledge what inspires you – go after what you want more of in your life!


Life Coaching Testimonials


Wonderful Transformation

“Working with Amanda was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. I found balance in my work and home life. My only regret is, I wish I had found Amanda earlier in my career.”


Living a Joyful Life

“Life coaching has helped me realize the difference between a good life and a great life – one steeped in authenticity, intention and purpose. Amanda is not only insightful and intuitive, she is able to assist one to re-discover one’s source of inner power in order to live a joyful life.”


Natural Coach

“Amanda is a natural coach. She is highly committed to empowering others to take charge of and enjoy their life…Her outpouring of presence, honesty and caring provided me with an experience in which I could grow up, regain my strength, and honor my life purpose. Amazing.”