Dr. Alisha Rawji BSc (Kin) ND, graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Ontario in 2015. She received a Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Kinesiology) prior to that in 2009 from the University of Calgary.

Dr. Rawji is dedicated to the practice of Naturopathic medicine and enjoys not only the practice locally, but also has a keen interest in international projects around the world. In 2011, she took part in a global initiative by Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB) in which she, alongside many Naturopaths and Naturopathic students, treated patients at an entirely volunteer-based clinic. It is located just outside of Cap Haitian Haiti. The program named Mama Baby Haiti, focuses primarily on aiding the birthing process, as well as many other initiatives, with a broad spectrum of health concerns.

In 2013, she received additional training from The Other Song Homeopathic Training Clinic in Mumbai India, which is led by Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Dr. Sankaran is a world renowned medical doctor and homeopath and is the founder of the well-known and widely used Constitutional Homeopathic Sensation Method.  This method includes a detailed intake process which helps uncovers deeper, hidden, and often unconscious parts of an individual which can contribute to many of the symptoms one faces regularly or even, on an ongoing and daily basis. At this clinic, she also learned from a medically trained psychiatrist who uses homeopathy as an adjunct treatment for various mood, stress, and anxiety disorders. She took part in the case taking and treatment protocols from practitioners who very successfully integrate medical knowledge and natural treatments concurrently.  That same year, she traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand and was able to learn, (and can now formally teach), classes in Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

 Depression treatment NW CalgaryDr. Rawji is passionate about each and every aspect of holistic and Naturopathic medicine, and grows more and more fascinated by it each day. She knows firsthand that by uncovering the root causes of symptoms, and by changing not only our diet and lifestyle, but also by managing thoughts, behaviours and strengthening our social interactions, we are able to find peace of mind. By working on all parts of an individual including, body, mind, and energetic aspects of a person, we are able to move through symptoms and past major and key blockages that may be hindering us from achieving our optimal and best selves.

Dr. Rawji uses a gentle and caring approach with her patients and encourages mind-body techniques and mental and emotional strengthening. This is combined with proven Naturopathic approaches (such as traditional Chinese medicine, including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and cupping; nutritional, lifestyle and supplement counselling; acute and constitutional homeopathy; botanical, functional and Orthomolecular medicine). She does so in an engaging, compassionate, and empathic manner and uses current and up-to-date therapies in a wholistic and individualized approach. Dr. Rawji firmly believes that optimal health and best patient-care is achieved when a collective and integrated approach is used.  This means that working alongside medical doctors, as well as all other health care practitioners is the best, most effective way to achieve maximum results.  Working together, and sharing knowledge and expertise amongst all health care professionals, in a collaborative manner, is a strong mandate of her naturopathic practice.

Naturopathic Medicine Calgary

Dr. Rawji is a board-certified member of both the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) and the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CAND) in good standing. She is able to treat a wide array of conditions, as well as the improvement of general and overall health concerns. She has a special interest in mental health including depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress/sleep management, mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, smoking cessation, cravings, emotional and/or hormonal imbalances and infertility. She also has a keen interest in treating gastrointestinal disturbances and food sensitivity identification, skin conditions, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic pain, weight loss and fitness, and has a strong passion for geriatric/seniors’ health. Some of her main influences include Brené Brown PhD, Dr. Gabor Mate MD, Dr. Paul Epstein ND, and others who focus their healthcare practices on the mind-body connection. Dr. Rawji is fluent in English, French and Gujrathi and is currently learning ASL (American Sign Language).

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