By Lisa Lin, RMT, HHPR 

I believe if you know a bit about the practitioner you are going to see, you will gain some insight into how she approaches her work, her values, zest for living and determination to support you to be as healthy as you can be.

Massage Therapist NW Calgary

massage therapist NW CalgaryHere is my story on how I became so passionate about creating health in body, mind and spirit.

In my late teens, I started getting interested in health. In highschool Ialready had asthma, would get regular upper respiratory infections that were treated with antibiotics, had some weight gain, was tired a lot and had brain fog. These symptoms went up and down over the years, then when I had my first child at 33 years old,I became an exhausted, overwhelmed parent most of the time.4 years later, whenmy second daughter was only 3 months old, my weight had plateaued higher than pre-pregnancy, my back and neck ached constantly from nursing and caring for young children, I wasn’t drinking enough water and ate too many refined carbohydrates, just trying to keep up with my day. Not a picture of health.

In my 20’s I attended university and college, completed a BA Recreation Administration with a focus on Health and Wellness and a two year diploma as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Being an avid learner (usually 3-4 books on the go at one time) I kept studying via certificates and informal study on my own over the years. Mostly related to self-care practices. This is why by my late 30’s and home fulltime with young children I started asking myself – why didn’t I feel well, after all the years of learning and studying healthy lifestyles and healing? I knew how to take care of myself yet it wasn’t happening. What I came to realize was that it had taken me over 19 years of personal growth work and learning to be really ready to choose health for myself and take full self-responsibility for that decision.

Things rarely happen with longevity until you make an internal decision to go for it.

I knew if I was going to teach self-care to clients again one day and really know what I was talking about (beyond all of my academic understanding) I had to start walking my talk. I also knew that the example I was setting for my daughters was more important than anything I had ever set out to do.

I Set Up A Wellness Program of 3 Basic Steps For Myself

  1. Eat Healthier– (no more time or sleep excuses though I was easily up feeding the baby 3x every night with very little rest during the day and taking care of a 4 yr old). This initiative took about 8 months and I lost 45lbs. My nutrition practices still continue to get healthier as I learn more.
  1. Exercise– get a solid exercise program in place after I dealt with the nutrition. I remember having an eye to eye conversation with my 5yrold and 1 yr old saying “please work with me here, and participate in the gym childcare 3 times a week so mommy can exercise and be healthy”. Luckily the mommy stare worked as I was crossing my fingers at the time. And it went from there, I had support from a great physiotherapist to get my core muscles in shape after pregnancy and deal with chronic neck and back pain. In my current workout program almost five years later, I still follow and have advanced with the fundamentals she taught me. I am more active now than I have ever been and reaping the rewards from it.
  1. Deal With My Emotions– and this was the hardest part – this stay at home momma missed her work dearly. My girls at this point were now 2 and 6 years old when I started going within myself to discover happiness, rather than looking outside for it. I love my children beyond belief and was losing my sense of selftaking care of everyone else all the time.

I was raised to believe it is what good people do, take care of everyone else and if there is anything left over, you get the burnt piece of toast.

Except it wasn’t working very well. Sure my children were thriving, but this mommy was not. I was feeling a confusing mix of being isolated, frustrated, and unchallenged, while being grateful for the time with my children and their health and happiness. The thing is though, by starting to take better care of myself for those previous couple of years through nutrition and exercise I was beginning to feel better. Sure I could have otherwise spent that time and energy cleaning the house or getting the mending done, but I knew I mattered just as much as everyone else. This is where the real healing began.

And so it really began. I mastered my own program. It ignited a journey of self-discovery, reflection, digging up old emotional wounds to heal, and refreshing my skills and training to return to the work I love so much. This is the path I continue with today. I have opened my mind and heart to see the world and people in new ways. My compassion and empathy have expanded further and I’ve begun to discover all the richness and delight life has to offer. I try new activities, give myself a challenge in my workouts, have learned how to say “no” when I want to, catch myself if I start on lazy food habits and mindfully watch my thoughts as to what they’re up to. My life will continue to grow and change in miraculous ways the more I show up with courage to absolutely live it everyday.

What I Believe
Our health is dynamic, nothing ever stays exactly the same in our lives from one second to the next, we just usually aren’t aware of it. Time is like the snowflakes that fall from the sky – not one second is exactly the same as another. We all matter. We all deserve love, happiness, fulfillment and joy. It makes the world stronger and healthier too – peace and compassion grow, our ability to share and teach each other grows too. That is why I highly encourage you, at your own pace to love yourself more each and everyday and make choices to honor you. You can start, step by step just like I did.

If you need support along the way, come see any of us at Docere Wellness Centre and we will be your cheering squad and provide you with the education, materials and know how to live your best life possible.