Hello! My name is Amber Romaniuk and I am an Emotional Eating, Digestive & Hormone Expert. I coach my clients online to body freedom and building friends with food. I wanted to share a bit of my experience with food addiction and how that impacted my digestive health.

I know too well what it feels like to have big cravings for sugars, breads and processed foods. And to not know how to deal with stress. I used to struggle with emotional eating to cope with stress, sadness, boredom and anything else that came my way. I used to think food made me happy. But it didn’t, it was just trying to fill a void that was really a lack of self-love.

The constant binging and anger that I felt quickly turned into bloating, stomach aches, low energy, brain fog, and massive food sensitivities. I knew I was harming my body, but the addiction to the food was much bigger than my will to stop. It almost seemed I didn’t care about my body because the high was more important.

After overcoming my food addiction and emotional eating, I really embarked on the journey to love my gut and balance my digestion. It probably took me about 4 or 5 years to make complete peace with her. First I started by limiting my intake of the foods that gave me the most symptoms, wheat, dairy, and sugar. It took dozens of attempts because these were my biggest trigger foods but I did get there. I started experimenting with alternative options in the kitchen and was inspired by how many options there were outside of the norm.

I started to experience less bloating. And when I started mindful eating practices, my digestion improved more. Once I was fully recovered from my food addiction I took things one step further to address Candida issues which were contributing to bloating, poor memory, brain fog, and hormone imbalances and it’s like I got lifted out of a fog. I really realized how much my sugar cravings were tied to the Candida and blood sugar imbalances. My hormones also regulated much easier when I got rid of this massive stressor.

It really made me realize that the emotional eating and constant self-sabotage had played a huge role on my emotional and physical health. Now when I work with my clients I see digestive and hormone imbalances as a side effect of the constant restrictive diets, emotional eating and binging. This self-sabotaging behavior may feel good in the moment, but it costs the body deeply. Inflammation, pain, bloating and digestive sensitivity can be difficult to deal with on a daily basis. The key is to address the root, which for me is the relationship the person has with their body and food. Overcoming emotional eating alleviates a huge stressor to the body both physically and emotionally. It’s often much easier to then balance digestive symptoms, hormones, improve energy and cravings once someone has made peace with food.

Body freedom is available for anyone ready to create it, the vicious cycles of emotional eating and the physical symptoms that can come with it do not need to continue. I encourage you to open up to ditching the diet mentalities, building friends with food and your body.

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Amber Romaniuk is an Emotional Eating, Digestive & Hormone Expert supporting Body Freedom and speaker dedicated to educate the world on healthy eating and overcoming self-sabotage with food. Through corporate workshops, media appearances, her highly downloaded podcast “The No Sugarcoating Podcast” and her own “Amber Approved” digital magazine and cookbook, she is committed to globally changing the way people eat and promoting healthy lifestyles that support energy, mood balance and personal happiness.

Amber combines her training and her own experience of food addiction, digestive issues, body image, weight loss & management to support others trying to make massive life transformations. She works privately with women & men, high level entrepreneurs and those committed to overcoming emotional eating and self-sabotage so they are free to create the success they desire in the world.

Check out her website at amberapproved.ca for more information or Like and Follower her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook