Docere Wellness Podcast

Caring for the entire family by facilitating the body’s innate healing capabilities. Docere Wellness treats the whole person, not the illness and addresses the root causes and not just treat symptoms.

Season 1, Episode 1

Holiday Travel Essentials 

Dr. Rabia and her team of experts bring you all things HOLIDAY Travel Essentials when it comes to health and wellness. From Naturopathic Care to Life Coaching we have it all!

Naturopathic Care

Dr. Rabia K. Meghji

Dr. Michelle Hagel ND

Dr. Alisha Rawji BSc (Kin) ND

Life Coaching

Amanda Delamer, MSc, CPCC, ACC

Reiki Energy Healing

Brianne Carter, Reiki Engery Healer

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sonam Mann