Liver IV Therapy and Hangovers

Liver IV Therapy and Hangovers

by Dr. Alisha Rawji ND

IV therapy stands for Intravenous Therapy. Vitamins and minerals are administered directly into the venous system which allows for 100% absorption into the body via the blood stream, and into the cells via diffusion. The Liver IV, is wonderful for speeding up the cleansing and detoxification processes of the liver, especially if one has been exposed to toxins such as environmental pollutants, or excessive alcohol consumption for example. Especially after  wild stampede party or company bbq…


When alcohol breaks down, it forms compounds called aldehydes. Aldehyde build-up in high amounts in the bloodstream can be toxic to the liver, and when it builds up too much, can cause many of the typical hangover symptoms such as: nausea, vomiting, light-headedness, fatigue, weakness, irritability, headaches, muscle and body aches, loss of memory, and loss of consciousness.


Glutathione, is the most abundant antioxidant found in the body. It is very poorly absorbed orally, and therefore it is very commonly added as a liver detoxification agent in an IV therapy protocol. Taurine and Magnesium also have added benefits for not only liver detoxification, but also for brain function and overall health.


When aldehydes build up, glutathione gets depleted. Glutathione is also known as the ‘mother of all antioxidants’ – and it truly is. It is vital in detoxifying (turning over toxic agents into non-toxic forms) in the body, and works within liver cells to do this. Glutathione is absolutely vital, therefore, in liver detoxification by clearing toxic aldehyde buildup in the liver, and is, very important in the prevention of hangovers symptoms. Glutathione is also very well researched in the management of liver disorders and is known to have anti-aging and antioxidant effects. As well, it is very poorly absorbed orally (by mouth); therefore IV therapy (or injections) are the most effective ways to administer glutathione into the body.


Finally, alcohol works as a diuretic, which means one will excrete fluid at a high rate through urination. This causes a large amount of dehydration, due to loss of both water and electrolytes, as well as water-soluble vitamins such as B-vitamins, vitamin c, magnesium, and other trace minerals. This rapid elimination can further exacerbate vitamin and minerals deficiencies; which is why, replenishment via IV therapy can greatly help liver health due to excessive drinking, and can also be helpful for elimination of toxins from the body, in general.


For more information, or to find out how to book in an IV therapy treatment, contact Docere Wellness Centre at or call 403-452-6262.


Docere Wellness Presents Easy Kale Salad

Docere Wellness Presents Easy Kale Salad

Don’t be afraid of KALE! It is a healthy dark green leafy green that will taste amazing when prepared in this salad. A summer go to with it’s easy prep and tasty goodness.

Easy Kale salad

2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbsp Lemon Juice

1 Garlic (clove, minced)

1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

4 cups Kale Leaves (stem removed, thinly sliced)

1/4 cup Pistachios (chopped)


Add the extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and nutritional yeast to a small bowl and whisk to combine.

Add the kale to a large bowl and drizzle the dressing over top. Massage with your hands to ensure it is evenly coated. Divide between plates. Top with pistachios. Serve as a side to your favorite entre.


Leadership Lessons from my Littles: Acting with Integrity

Leadership Lessons from my Littles: Acting with Integrity

By Amanda Delamer, MSc, CPCC, ACC

My husband and I always know where our kids stand on any particular topic – they do not hesitate for a second to share what they are feeling, chime in with their two cents or express themselves fully. They don’t know it yet, but they are choosing not compromise on what they value and what they know in their hearts to be true. And wow, they are so honest about it. They are acting with integrity.

As much as we would prefer to be on the same page as we are getting ready to leave the house (or the park, or the pool, or from soccer, or after gymnastics…), we would not change a thing. As a parent, what a gift to witness your children fully and completely owning and expressing what is true for them. They are not concerned about us not liking them or being upset with them – instead, they just let themselves be “all in” with being honest. Whether they know or not, it is them acting with integrity. And while challenging at times, it is so very refreshing.

And when our places of integrity are not in agreement – our little people are amazing at using our own lines right back at us and say with confidence, “it’s okay if we have different opinions” or “we can different opinions”. Love it!

So, when do we start choosing not to live fully in integrity? What makes us decide to not speak up when we disagree with something or someone, or when we are witness to something that we are not okay with? What makes us nod “yes”, when inside we are thinking “heck no!”?

And what gets in the way of us not acting with integrity? For me, I notice that the thoughts of “careful, they might not like you if…” or “don’t rock the boat” or “pick your battles” are frequent saboteur voices that pop up.

Bottom line, when we act with integrity we are making a choice to fully honour ourselves and the people or circumstances we are faced with. Our kids need us to model integrity, and lead by example.

Go forward kidlets! Live with integrity, have a voice, be true to yourself. We will do our best to not ask you to tone it down, and to stay out of your way. Oh, and thank you for modeling integrity for us adults!

Amanda Delamer is a self-awareness and fulfillment coach. Amanda coaches and supports people in living healthy, balanced and joyful lives. She coaches and honours the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Her clients experience fulfillment in all parts of their lives – health, family, relationships, career, and beyond – and they value and appreciate that all parts of their lives are connected, and we all have responsibility in and for the world around us. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and three children.

Docere Wellness Presents Mango Chicken Salad

Docere Wellness Presents Mango Chicken Salad

Time to take advantage of the fresh fruits at great prices as we move into summer! This fresh salad will have your family begging for more all the while keeping everyone healthy and happy! Give it a try – it’s easy and perfect for that mid-week busyness.

Mango Chicken Salad

8 oz Chicken Breast (boneless, skinless) copped into inch pieces

1 Avocado (large)

2 tbsp Lemon Juice

2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 tsp Sea Salt

1 Red Bell Pepper (small, finely chopped)

¼ Cucumber (deseeded and finely chopped)

4 stalks Green Onion (sliced)

½ Mango (finely chopped)

4 cups Baby Spinach


Warm a pan with 1tbsp olive oil, add the chicken and cook for about 15 to 20 minutes until cooked through.

While the chicken cools, in a large mixing bowl, mash the avocado until only a few small chunks remain. Stir in the lemon juice, olive oil and salt.

Fold the red pepper, cucumber, green onion, mango and chicken into the avocado mixture until well combined. Season with additional salt or lemon juice if needed. Divide spinach onto plates and top with chicken salad.

Good Health on a Budget

Good Health on a Budget

By Dr. Michelle Hagel ND

Investing in health is the most important investment you will ever make; however, it doesn’t have to be the largest. Here are some cost-saving tips to Good Health on a Budget.

Plan your Meals Ahead of Time

Meal planning in Calgary for a week can take some time initially but you will spend less time and money once you get to the grocery store. When we don’t plan, we end up getting foods that may or may not be consumed in time, leading to more food waste or wasted fridge space. We are also more likely to just grab something, instead of having the more nutritious, cost-effective, homemade alternative. The average Canadian household throws out 215kg or $600/year, so keep that money in your pocket this year. This will also have a big impact on our planet, so plan ahead, shop smart, and avoid those extras or include them in next week’s plan.

Ditch the Junk

Once in the grocery store shop the perimeter of the store, avoid processed foods. Although initially, it appears the pre-packaged or frozen food is cheaper, in the long run, it is not. Making your own pizza is cheaper and far more nutritious that any frozen or delivered pizza- Cauliflower crust pizza is one of my favourites.

Purchase Bulk 

Purchasing large quantities will save you time and money. It may seem like a large purchase initially but in the long run, think of those saved trips back to the store. Having things on hand, when times get busy will save your health and your wallet. This specifically applies to things you can freeze like meat, frozen fruit/vegetables and items with a relatively long shelf life such as onions, sweet potatoes, oils and nut butters. Buying fruit and vegetables in season like blueberries will be cheaper and are very easy to freeze. Food storage becomes another important factor when buying larger quantities to prolong shelf life and prevent waste. Understanding how to preserve certain foods is important. With produce you want to take it out of the plastic bags, the bags will suffocate the produce and speed up the rate of decay. Do not wash produce until it is ready to be consumed, the moisture will cause mold and decay. Keep produce whole, once you rip off stems it will allow microorganisms to grow.

Get the Most out of Your Meat

Meat is generally the largest ticket item on the shopping list. Chicken breasts can be quite costly, instead go for the whole chicken, then you’ll also have a carcass to make highly nutritious bone broth. You can also go for some cheaper cuts.

Know your Stores

Another great way to make your dollar go further is to figure out which stores have the best prices on different types of food. For example, one store may have the best price on fresh, high-quality produce but the meat is more expensive. This may require some research and shopping around, for future trips have different lists for different stores, but can go along way especially if purchasing in larger quantities. In season shopping outside the supermarket can be a great option, like farmer’s markets or other outdoor markets.

Homemade Salad Dressings and Dips

Making your own salad dressings and dips like hummus, guacamole, tomato sauce… etc. This is one of my favourites tips not only to save money but then you know what is in your food. Often salad dressing and dip labels are a never-ending list of preservatives, flavours and sugar. Make your own for less and stick to quality whole foods get rid of the hidden preservatives, and unneeded sugar.

Fall is one of my favourite times to detox, heading into that holiday season. You don’t have to do an expensive herbal detox, just go easy on your body. Kick the sugar, drink lemon water daily and practice deep breathing. To boost your body’s ability to detox try some hydrotherapy- contrast showers. These begin with 30 seconds hot water 10 seconds cold water, doing 5 cycles ending on cold. This small shower change can invigorate and improve circulation. Your body will thank you for these few changes and can be done all year long.

Start your Own Garden

Not exactly a practical recommendation at this time of the year, but for next year plant your own garden. Gardening is good for the mind and the body. There are unlimited benefits of growing your own foods; it’s organic, it is loaded with nutrition because it doesn’t have to travel, good for the planet, it tastes better, it lasts longer and seeds are very low cost. You can start now by growing your own herb garden throughout the winter months. Herbs like rosemary even act as air purification plants, removing indoor pollutants. You can save yourself from buying dried herbs in the store and reduce the amount of sugar loaded sauces you use by increasing your food flavour in a healthy way.


There is lots of buzz around eating organically, and there is no doubt organic is the healthier, cleaner option. However it can be an expensive option, if you are on a tight budget I generally suggest getting familiar with the dirty dozen. There are 12 fruits and vegetables that will expose us to more chemicals than others these are known as the dirty dozen. I highly recommend these foods be consumed organically whenever possible. While the Clean 15 foods are foods that will expose our bodies to less chemicals, are not as important to be consumed organically.